Preferential Brands Group offer over 40 years Senior Sales Management & Brand Development experience. Our team have worked with some of the UK's well known high street businesses and helped to develop not only UK, but also world recognised brands. We feel by offering this knowledge, contacts and years of sales management experience to other UK businesses and brand owners, we should provide real added value through strategic business growth driver development, customer awareness, marketing and focused strategy plans...

We do offer customers an initial no obligation meeting in order to asses what kind of Preferential services are best suited in delivering incremental sales and delivery of brands into the market place. Our contracted terms and time required is tailored individually to a customer's needs, including full confidentiality and documented action plans.   Contact us today for a no obligation meeting Email Here

      SELECT  YOUR  PREFERENTIAL  BRANDS  SERVICES  BELOW  , & are part of Preferential Brands Services Limited (Company Reg No 9194212) 

The Preferential Brands Group & Simply Delivering More words and services including all the following "Retail  Services" connected with the sale of alcoholic drinks, Soft drinks, hot drinks, foods, casual clothing, workwear, business clothing, jewellery, leather goods, sportswear, footwear, stationery and corporate and non corporate gifts which include as follows: jewellery in both silver and gold, leather goods, ceramic, crystal and glassware, metal cups, tankards, rings, bracelets and other jewellery not made out of gold or silver, plastic toys and ornaments, pictures and picture frames, office goods such as staplers, USB drives, pens, diaries, medical pendants, novelty toys and desktop gadgets such as globes are part of a Registered Trade Mark since July 2010 - Group Companies include Preferential & Preferential

The Preferential Brands Group Registered Trade Mark also includes the "Personalisation Services" namely diamond engraving and laser engraving on jewellery in both silver and gold, ceramic, crystal and glassware, brass and copper plaques, stainless steel and other non precious metals such as cups, tankards, rings and bracelets, jewellery not made out of gold or silver; embroidery, digital screen printing, applique, cad cutting, hot press printing on casual clothing, workwear, business clothing, leather goods, sportswear; personalised labelling on alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, hot drinks, foods, presentation and gift boxes; hot foiling on leather goods, ornaments, pictures and picture frames, office goods such as USB drives, pens, diaries, wine and food are also part of a Registered Trade Mark since July 2010 -  Group Companies include Preferential & Preferential

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