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Preferential Brands Group's clothing division has been setup to be as flexiable as possible in order to offer a wide range of services that can meet most if not all our customers needs when it comes to the personalisation of their selected clothing. To this end, not only do we source 1,000's of items of clothing from hospitality, casual, dance, workwear, children's, sports and many more trading sectors, we also offer our customers a wide rage of personalisation services that 'simply delievers more' than some of our main competitors.  
Embroidery serviceOur dedicated embroidery service utilises 30 production head embroidery machines which can produce an average of 5,000 garments a week. And for those specialist requests or one off designs we offer a dedicated large sampling machines, meaning most jobs can be achieved through 'Simply Delivering More' by the way of service & choice.

Applique service

Appliqu? is a method of stitching one fabric onto another and has transformed the flexibility of standard embroidery service as we know it today. It is widely used for company logos or detailed imagery that is generally seen from a distance and has become a service of choice by large corporate companies because of its high quality and cost effectiveness.  

Cad Cutting service

Our computerised laser technology allows us to cut out designs quickly and accurately in a vast array of fabrics and materials. And once a design is selected and digitised, we then cut out the design with a computerized laser cutter ready to be heat pressed on a garment. The quality and accuracy of laser cutting & utilisation of digitising software has revolutionised the quality of the garment the customer receives, and we pride ourselves in the quality we produce.      

Samples of Cap / Headgear Embroidery

One of our popular services is the personalisation of caps and other headgear (all sizes) for golf clubs, societies, sports clubs and all other casual occasions. With the utilisation of our design studio and digitising capabilities, we are able to develop virtually all imagery or customer request and turn it into a professionally completed item.  


Contact & Help

We are happy to discuss any requests for design creation or development of existing artwork and can work with almost all digitising technology and graphic illustration in order to create what you are looking for.

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The Preferential Brands Group & Simply Delivering More words and services including all the following "Retail  Services" connected with the sale of alcoholic drinks, Soft drinks, hot drinks, foods, casual clothing, workwear, business clothing, jewellery, leather goods, sportswear, footwear, stationery and corporate and non corporate gifts which include as follows: jewellery in both silver and gold, leather goods, ceramic, crystal and glassware, metal cups, tankards, rings, bracelets and other jewellery not made out of gold or silver, plastic toys and ornaments, pictures and picture frames, office goods such as staplers, USB drives, pens, diaries, medical pendants, novelty toys and desktop gadgets such as globes are part of a Registered Trade Mark since July 2010 - Group Companies include Preferential gifts.com & Preferential clothing.com

The Preferential Brands Group Registered Trade Mark also includes the "Personalisation Services" namely diamond engraving and laser engraving on jewellery in both silver and gold, ceramic, crystal and glassware, brass and copper plaques, stainless steel and other non precious metals such as cups, tankards, rings and bracelets, jewellery not made out of gold or silver; embroidery, digital screen printing, applique, cad cutting, hot press printing on casual clothing, workwear, business clothing, leather goods, sportswear; personalised labelling on alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, hot drinks, foods, presentation and gift boxes; hot foiling on leather goods, ornaments, pictures and picture frames, office goods such as USB drives, pens, diaries, wine and food are also part of a Registered Trade Mark since July 2010 -  Group Companies include Preferential gifts.com & Preferential clothing.com

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