Apart from the gift or award itself, the personalisation of that gift or award adds that little extra in the way of a personal touch. This also let's the person getting the gift or award know that a lot more thought has gone in to their gift or award than just someone buying it off the shelf. At Preferential Gifts, we understand and appreciate that if someone has taken the time to select a gift or award, then it is just as important to ensure that it has that personal touch in order to make it even more special when being presented. This is why we offer an extensive range of gifts and various options to personalise it, making it the 'one stop shop' for customers when selecting something special for an individual, a team or group of individuals.

Hard metals
We are able to provide fine detail engraving on almost all hard metals such as stainless steel or silver plate. We are also able to provide deep engraved items on hard metals including brass and copper in order to produce items such as quality name plates or signs.  
Small objects
Utilising state of the art technology, we are able to provide engraving on small objects with accuracy and precision in order to produce beautifully engraved items for an individual or company when they require that something special.
Glass & Crystal
Our ability to use technology and engraving machines that allows us to produce quality imagery on glass and crystal. This service allows us to produce large quantities of glassware with a company logo / brand or because of our flexibility, we are also able to offer individually personalise glassware or crystal object as gift or award.
Plastic or coated materials
As we know, more and more products are being produced in plastic or similar coated materials, thus giving high quality production expectations from our customers. We at Preferential brands endeavour to meet these expectations through quality, service and choice of materials to engrave.
Utilising our laser technology service, it allows us to offer our customers picture quality engraving on various materials inclusive of wood. With the accuracy and precision such technology offers in today?s market, it only goes to enhance the customers choice when selecting a gift or product in wood that they would like to have engraved
Slate and granite
Another sample of picture quality offered via laser engraving is the effect that can be produced on granite and slate. Such precision given through laser engraving on stone objects has to be seen to be believed and offers a customer a lifetime memento or keepsake souvenir of high quality.
Contact & Help
We are happy to discuss any requests for design creation or development of existing artwork and can work with almost all digitising technology in order to create what you are looking for.Contact today - Preferential Brands Group

A number of the images above have been supplied by Signature Engraving Systems 

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