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With our Coffee of Choice


Coffee is the drink of choice for millions of people across the globe, but amongst those millions there are some who donít appreciate that coffee can be made many different ways, and the method you choose can also have an effect on the final taste of that cup of coffee.


There are different types of coffee beans, all of which provide different aromas and flavours and the experienced coffee taster usually starts assessing their cup of coffee by its colour & appearance, which is then followed by the appreciation of the aroma, flavour, bitterness and texture.


The bitterness is generated during the roasting of the coffee beans; the aroma is made up of a mix of over 800 aromatic compounds that gives it its subtle balance between fruity, nutty, roasty and more caramel-like aroma notes.


Arabica and Robusta make up for about 90% of the coffee beans sold worldwide. Experts consider Arabica to be richer and more aromatic, and Robusta to be more robust and stronger. The beans' origins and the coffeemakers' expertise do the rest for the flavour experience.




Caffe Torelli

Preferential Brands Group is proud to have become a distributor for Caffe Torelli Ltd and believe the combined knowledge of Marco Costa and his team, coupled with over 20 years senior management experience within the UK drinks industry, only adds to the current offering and success of Caffe Torelli.


We all appreciate that in order to offer a consumer a cup of coffee at their local public house, restaurant, cafe bar or hotel, it is essential that the consumer gets the coffee experience they pay for through aroma, taste & quality, which Cafe Torelli certainly delivers on all these point.


With a complete range of coffee to choose from, we feel Caffe Torelli is a one stop shop for the hospitality industry when selecting and serving coffee for their customers. Also as part of the offering is the ability to advise customers on coffee service, the supply of coffee machines and training where necessary.  


The combined expertise of both companies also brings with it a complete offering in branded Caffe Torelli hospitality workwear, the supply & branding of menus, glasses and many other products where our customers also require their logo in order to offer a greater professional experience for their customers.


Why not enquire about the Caffe Torelli experience by submitting an enquiry form - Enquiry





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