Verano is hand crafted in the  Basque region to a recipe known by five generations of the Soroa family. It is made with local hand-picked apples, sun ripened, freshly pressed and naturally fermented  to create a truly crisp & refreshing Cider. The way it has always been, ...every Summer since 1918.

The original Basque. Pure and crisp like the fruit it came from, Verano Spanish Apple is a classic golden cider with a sunny disposition and an unmistakable aroma of ripe, crushed apples. Sharp but not too sharp, its full-bodied flavour gives a clean and refreshing finish -  Perfect match for grilled salmon, mackerel, or a Pulled Pork sandwich.
Lighter-bodied & golden yellow in colour,  Verano Apple and Pear exudes quality ? as well as a distinct fresh pear fruit aroma with hints of flora and green apple. It has a lighter palate than its stable mates too, with a well-balanced, crisp finish -  The perfect cleansing complement, then, to a hearty plate of Sticky Pork Ribs. Or maybe a Chicken Caesar Salad
Refreshment with a burst of tropical fruit aroma. Light on the palate with a balanced apricot and peach flavour, this subtle cider downright refuses to be sweet. Instead, its bright golden colour conceals unique stone fruit undertones and a crisp, clean finish - Enjoy it with a good room temperature soft cheese, or a fruity dish like Apricot Chicken.
This crafted cider opens with a magnificent aroma of mixed berries, then follows up with subtle tones of crisp apple. It has a mid-range palate and a gentle balance of fruity flavours that linger in the mouth.  Followed by a refreshing, crisp finish  - Drink it in with a ripe Blue Cheese or warm Turkey Salad.
Tomas Soroa began making ciders in Basque country in 1918, and his distinctive bell-shaped bottle soon became a well-known trademark in neighbouring towns. Little by little demand grew  and (despite being outlawed during Franco?s dictatorship), the recipe was passed down over generations for all to  enjoy on those long, hot, Spanish nights. Today Verano cider remains a Soroa family-run business, only now we export our refreshing, easy-drinking cider to over 60 countries worldwide.


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