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In the heart of Stuttgart, the state capital of Baden-W?rttemberg ? Councillor of Commerce Carl Dinkelacker established the brewery bearing his name in 1888. A name which would soon be synonymous with quality and taste. All our beers are brewed naturally in strict accordance with the oldest food law in the world, the German Beer Purity Law.  Next to the best barley malt, the fine-aromatic hops from Tettnang and our fresh water;  we add another special ingredient that only our experienced brew masters can offer, this being the passion and commitment which is evident around the world where our beers enjoy an excellent reputation for its outstanding quality and range.

When Carl Dinkelacker established his brewery in 1888 in downtown Stuttgart, where the company is still located today, he could not have foreseen how long his lifetime of work would last. Today he would certainly be very proud to see that his grandson Wolfgang is still maintaining the company as Baden-W?rttemberg?s largest private brewery. At Dinkelacker we are committed to this long tradition, by upholding the values they so dearly held.

German beer enjoys an excellent reputation because of its outstanding quality. The region of Baden-W?rttemberg in southwest Germany is renowned for their spirit of invention and innovation. Invention and innovation have always been our watch words when creating our large variety of beer specialities.

With over 30 years working in the drinks industry, Andrew Bailey and the rest of the team at Preferential Drinks are proud to be able to represent exclusively the Dinkelacker brands in order to drive awareness to UK customers on the quality of these key German beer brands, which are available in both bottled and draught. 

For those who remember the craze in the early to late 80's & 90's of the 'swing top' bottles!  Dinkelacker are now leading the way in the development of the swing top bottle category with a number of branded versions and are now at the forefront in revitalising this category again in the UK and around the world.


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