'Simply Delivering More'

at Preferential Marketing

A good marketing plan starts well before a product is produced or a service is delivered. A simple rule of thumb  to a successful marketing plan is that you should first understand that the project is more than just advertising, selling a product or offering a service. Marketing is a complex process with many variables, but it can also be placed into three identifiable areas involving three simple steps: 

(1) Firstly to determine what the customer wants or needs, but never to assume anything. 

(2) to be able to supply the customer with the goods and services in order to satisfy their wants and needs. 

(3) And probably most important from a business perspective, is that this must be done at a price that shows a profit, cost saving or benefit to that business.

At Preferential Brands Group we understand these principles and is why we feel we offer our customers first class service and a diverse range of products in order to match a customers budget, needs and expectations. One of our key drivers is that we want to be a 'one stop shop' for customers when they are looking for that total package in a brand that needs to break into the UK market, enhanced positioning or greater products awareness to an existing brand. Sometimes our customers goal is the development of a new corporate image or for us to build on a current identity by 'Simply Delivering More' consumer awareness and reputation in the trading sectors.    

Below are just some of the sales & marketing services we offer to assist any brand or brand owner to increase their product or companies presence in the market. We firmly believe that 'selling the right business benefits to the right person' is nothing more than letting the customers and trading market know you are there and what you are offering, which can only be done by have an effective marketing campaign.

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