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One of our key strengths is in the development and building of brands in a variety of key categories. And by utilising our contacts and expertise across many industry sectors, we feel with the right focus and brand owner support, the team at Preferential Brands Group can deliver realistic expectations for any brand owner who is fully committed to succeed within the UK market.


Working with the Preferential Brands Group management team, we believe the money our clients would save on the recruitment of a salesforce and all the associated costs of office space, also allows the brand owner to put back investment in supporting and driving their brands forward where it matters. 

Contact - Salesforce

Salespeople are not just the people responsible for building the bottom line of a company; they are also your front-line troops, the ones with the most daily contact with your customers in order to sell a companyís products or services. At Preferential Brands Group we strive to ensure our salesforce are out facing customers and promoting our business, itís services and the brands we promote in order to ĎSimply Deliver Moreí than just a sales call.  Our Group Sales Director having recently worked successfully as the Head of On Trade Sales for Halewood International Ltd, is fully aware of the pitfalls many brand owners face when taking brands to market in the UK. Having worked recently on the very successful launch and development of Crabbies Alcoholic Ginger Beer from its initial concept and then taking it market - email us today by selecting the contact salesforce tab above in order to discuss how Preferential Brands Group can help to deliver the sales focus and support your looking for.


Contact - Telesales

Utilising a telesales service offers a brand owner or business a sales service with a quick and proven way to call customers and prospects in order to sell their target customers their products and services, generate and qualify leads or to set appointments with a dedicated salesperson. Unlike a salesperson that is restricted by travelling time and working hours with an average call rate of 8 customer meetings a day. It is clear by utilising a focused telesales activity, with letís say only four telesales staff; they can call 192 customers in a day at an average of 10 minutes a call. We do appreciate that a face-to-face call is always the first choice, but telesales activity increases awareness of a brand or service quickly and is a compliment to a salesperson out on the road. email us today by selecting the contact telesales tab above in order to discuss how Preferential Brands Group can help to deliver the sales focus and support your looking for.











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