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Apart from the gift or award itself, the personalisation of that gift or award adds that little extra in the way of a personal touch. This also let's the person getting the gift or award know that a lot more thought has gone in to their gift or award than just someone buying it off the shelf. At Preferential Gifts, we understand and appreciate that if someone has taken the time to select a gift or award, then it is just as important to ensure that it has that personal touch in order to make it even more special when being presented. This is why we offer an extensive range of gifts and various options to personalise it, making it the 'one stop shop' for customers when selecting something special for an individual, a team or group of individuals


Gift or award personalisation services

Hard metals

Our gifts services include engraving fine detail on almost all hard metals such as stainless steel or silver plate with our diamond engraving facilities. We are also able to deep engrave hard metals including brass and copper in order to produce items such as quality name plates or signs.   

Small objects

Utilising state of the art computer technology, engrave on small objects with accuracy and precision is available in order to produce beautifully engraved items for an individual or company when they require that something special.

Glass & Crystal

Our ability to utilise design technology and engraving machines allows us to supply quality imagery on glass and crystal. This service allows us to offer large quantities of glassware with a company logo / brand, which will also include individually personalise glassware or crystal object as gift or award.

Plastic or coated materials

As we know, more and more products are being produced in plastic or similar coated materials, thus giving high quality production expectations from our customers. We at Preferential Brands Group endeavour to meet these expectations through quality, service and choice of materials to engrave.


Utilising our laser technology service, it allows us to offer our customers picture quality engraving on various materials inclusive of wood. With the accuracy and precision such technology offers in today’s market, it only goes to enhance the customers choice when selecting a gift or product in wood that they would like to have engraved. 

Slate and granite

Another sample of picture quality offered via laser engraving is the effect that can be produced on granite and slate. Such precision given through laser engraving on stone objects has to be seen to be believed and offers a customer a lifetime memento or keepsake souvenir of high quality.


Leather, cardboard, wood etc.. personalisation services


Applications include

From hot foil printing to thermal transfer, foil sublimation, fabric printing, pouch lamination, embossing and die cutting, all the techniques that contribute to our services, and this machine does them all easily and does them well!.

Utilising our computerised hot foiling technology, we are able to create stunning imagery in intricate detail. This method is ideal for company logos, front cover of menus and can be personalised to suit virtually all requests. Also, using computerised technology instead of foiling blocks, we are able to cut out over 50% of the normal market setup charge.


Showing on the left are just a few examples of the colours of foil available to personalise selected items. Such a selection of colours and our flexibility in computerised hot foiling; this opens the door to vast array of applications that our customers could select from, including one off specials.    


Another service available from Preferential Brands Group is Embossing; which can be applied to a number of applications such as leather or soft leather look materials. This is a fantastic method of giving a personalised touch to selected items by utilising our computerised embossing technology that can be designed through our in house digitising imagery service.  

Leather or leather look colours available 

Similar to hot foiling, Preferential Brands Group are also able to offer a vast array of colours in leather or leather look materials in order to assist our customers in their selection for what they have in mind to complete their selected products. Our in house design department can help our customers with their selection and by working together; we feel our customers will receive the products they set out to purchase.  


Clothing personalisation services

Embroidery service

Our dedicated embroidery service utilises 30 production head embroidery machines which can produce an average of 5,000 garments a week. And for those specialist requests or one off designs we offer a dedicated large sampling machines, meaning most jobs can be achieved through 'Simply Delivering More' by the way of service & choice.

Applique service

Appliqué is a method of stitching one fabric onto another and has transformed the flexibility of standard embroidery service as we know it today. It is widely used for company logos or detailed imagery that is generally seen from a distance and has become a service of choice by large corporate companies because of its high quality and cost effectiveness.  

Cad Cutting service

Our computerised laser technology allows us to cut out designs quickly and accurately in a vast array of fabrics and materials. And once a design is selected and digitised, we then cut out the design with a computerized laser cutter ready to be heat pressed on a garment. The quality and accuracy of laser cutting & utilisation of digitising software has revolutionised the quality of the garment the customer receives, and we pride ourselves in the quality we produce   


Screen Printing & Digital Design Service

Utilising our in house digitising technology & graphic illustration services we are able to design intricate and detailed imagery (similar to those shown below) that can be printed directly onto any of a customer’s selected garment or selected clothing, all of which can also be purchased direct from Preferential Clothing.

Screen Printing - Enquiry   or   Clothing Catalogue - Preferential Clothing







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